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The role of this blog is to show two likely contrasting views of a movie, with both of us having quite different expectations of what’s on screen. Despite these differences, however, we do share very similar taste on a large number of points, so it’s quite possible that the average scoring may well end up quite similar.

Without wanting to get too much into personal backgrounds and so forth, for anyone interested we have added a bit of information regarding our own movie views, which may help explain what we write about the featured movies on this site. We should also add that, given the likely spoilers, if not full-on bisection of certain plot points, our takes,  interpretations and views of the movies covered on this site are very much intended for people who have already seen them. This is intended purely for fun, having been suggested by Lisa as a result of our obsessive movie viewing at our local Cinema.

The Blue Corner - Pete

The Blue Corner - Pete

Bah Weep Graaagnah Wheep Ni Ni Bon

Pete blurb here

Favourite Movies: Pretty much every 80s movie

The Red Corner - Lisa

The Red Corner - Lisa

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

As far back as I can remember I have always been a movie lover. Indiana Jones looms large in my early life and was my hero.  I am one of those people who can watch a good film a million times and still have it generate similar feelings to the first time I watched it. For me, films are closely linked with my other passions of psychology and books. Films elict emotion… or at least if its a good film it should. I am also quite strange.Let me tell you why…. I can appreciate a film, say for its artistic merit or  for its adaptation/visual interpretation of a novel, without necessarily liking it. conversely I can like/enjoy a film while recognising it is entirely ludicrous and has plot hole a plenty or is quite frankly just naff. I can still love it.

I unashamedly love Disney and yes I believe in happy endings in films because frankly  life is bleak enough. I like a strong plot with enough information to entice…but let me figure it out for myself. Controversial here but…I am not adverse to films celebrating the…hero…. with no shirt on…such as in Thor or Gerard in 300.

I have a particular soft spot for the feast of the senses that is the period drama. However I really enjoy all film genres from romantic dramas and the odd rom com or  two,  to action/ thrillers/ horror and fantasy/adventure. Sci/fi not so much and well, frankly, Comedy is tricky. I have a really dry sense of humour and if it features the tagline  ‘the most hilarious film of the year’ ; it will usually disappoint to the extent it will be lucky to crack a smile. But I’m not a snob… I’ll watch em’ and then shake my head in despair afterwards. If it’s vintage Will Ferrell , Jim Carey, Steve Carrell or Adam Sandler you can usually count me out. Spoofs- forget it. Now give me a juicy Psychological thriller/crime and you’ve really peaked my interest… but just don’t disappoint me or get your facts wrong. I’m a stickler.

My favourite actor is the acting genius that is Ralph Fiennes. The man is a genius and he can play every type of role and has such fierce intensity and complexity.

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