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red Corner Review July 3rd, 2021

"A man tries to help save the world from alien extinction level threat with a gun and some science- but decades in the future."


Something something red

THE GOOD: Something something red

THE BAD: Something something red

RATING: 5 / 10

Tenet meets oblivion with a hint of war of the worlds, time travel that doesn't make sense, call of duty, Monsters, apocalypse of our own making

I really hate time travel as a plot device. It is often an excuse for lazy script writing where things get all messed up and don't make sense and I don't understand. This felt a bit to me like a video game adaptation, were the plot doesn't always have to make a whole lotta sense long as you can shoot the monsters.

So in the now, presentish day, everyone is watching a sports game and then this army turns up from the future. We need everyone's help cause there is a war in the future with aliens and well.... we are losing and everyone is dying. So if you want to save yourselves and humanity ( hint most of you are already dead in the future anyway) we need you to hurry up and hurtle towards death now. We have already established that our central character science teacher and would be research boffin Dan ( Chris Pratt) is unhappy. He is teaching high school science cause that's all he can get just now. He has a nice wife and a nice daughter but after leaving the military, and getting his college education he is ready to be a science big shot.

Well he gets his chance. Sent forward in time, he soon gets into the action. If the movie had continued like this I think I would have been out. There were points for originality for the creatures, as ever they just want to kill everyone. Absolutely everyone. People are being sent to the future for a limited period and they return home. Some don't come back and some who do have PTSD from what they have seen. Even with the people from the past, we are losing the war against the creatures.

So Dan's in the future daughter colonel Forester, is in charge of some science stuff. She is trying to make a virus to kill the creatures. Now I was mildly interested in this bit of the film. Where they attempt to learn about the creatures and have studies their behaviour to try and learn how to kill them. They know that the males are super protective of the queens and very aggressively defend them. They manage to capture a queen in her nest but she is pretty feisty herself. They synthesize a virus very very very quickly. Cause the plot demands they hurry up as everything is of course burning and falling apart. The males have come to the outpost to try and get the queen back and in the process are wrecking the " going back in time" machine.

Dan is the last to be sent back in the going back in time machine. He is sad because he let his future daughter die. But she is still here in the present and if he succeeds in his mission to replicate the virus she won't even be the same person she was in the future anyway ( bitter, battle hardened and with daddy issues). So he decides in the present he will stick around. So at this point I am thinking, oh ok the film is over.

But then, Chris Pratt gets to thinking wait. Where did they come from what if they were already here. So yeah, turns out the creatures were already here on earth and come out when the ice melts due to human accelerated global warming. So instead of immediately alerting authorities or anyone. Chris and his 3 buddies try to take them on. The creatures wake up and silliness ensues. I mean if one of them escapes..... we know what happens right? and one does and it's the queen from earlier.

Chris and his veteran and conspiracy kook dad sort it. Except the dad dies ( don't care)* cause this queen she is damn tough to kill. Kinda had to respect her on that one. So overall it was ok, there was a bit of different stuff with the creature but I just didn't like the end. I didn't like the time travel. It felt like three ideas sandwiched loosely together with no real connection. Chris wasn't particularly likeable either. Unfortunately there is a sequel planned. Just no need.

* Blue Corner pointed out the dad did not in fact perish....zzzzzzz

BLUE CORNER'S RATING FOR The Tomorrow War (2021): 5 / 10

Official The Tomorrow War (2021) Movie Poster



"The fight for tomorrow begins today."


Starring: X

Written By: X

Directed By: X


Running Time: 138 min

BBFC Rating: 12A

Release Date: July 2, 2021

Distributer: Amazon Prime




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The Tomorrow War (2021): The fight for tomorrow begins today.

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