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A Quiet Place Part 2 (2021)


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red Corner Review June 3rd, 2021

"Keeping quiet again to stay away from aliens who are as sensitive to noise as Blue corner is."




RATING: 5.0 / 10

See it if you like: silence, a quiet place 1, stopping a baby crying with oxygen

I didn't want to see this film. Blue corner often says that there are some films you can eat popcorn with and others were you can't. I don't subscribe to this same philosophy. But munching salty popcorn goodness is somewhat more noticeable in a film like this. I gave the first film points for being something a little different. It was small and intense. Could I say I liked it? no not really. But real life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinksi did well. There was an interesting concept and inherent palpable danger in her being pregnant again given the sound based threat they were so clearly facing.

So what does the sequel bring us? more of the same. This time Lee ( John Krasinski) is dead though, but don't worry he wrote and directed the movie and is in the flashback scenes.  So eventually we move on to in his paternal absence the family decide to flee the farm and go to see if they can find Emmett played by Cillian Murphy. He was a military vet and friend to Lee. And find them they do. They learn that Emmets family have all perished and he is living alone in an abandoned heavy industry Iron/factory. Lots of squeaky things to draw the attention of the creatures in this silent movie.

So deaf daughter Regan is mad at Emmett for giving up on her dad. decided to go on an adventure to see if she can figure out the signal coming through the radio. Her Brother heard the song playing beyond the sea on a loop. Regan figures that means there are other survivors.  She figures if she can hook up a broadcast somehow that she can hurt or kill the creatures with sound from her hearing aid. Cillian at first reluctant has to go find her and bring her back. He ends up helping her.

The fact that she is deaf does add extra peril to the train scene and the fact she cannot hear the creatures sneak up on her. The actress Millicent Simmonds is also Deaf. Meanwhile some tense high jinks ensue back at the factory. Her son is hurt by Emmet's bear trap and the wound is looking nasty. Mum Evelyn must venture out to try and get supplies and some gas for her baby to keep baby quiet. It was a poignant touch that she stops by the grave of her son and leaves her wedding ring there as a memorial to her husband. After some tense moments and creature confrontations, claustrophic furnace hideouts and creature oxygen tank fireballs the family are safe.

The real interesting action turns to Regan and Emmett. After a confrontation at the dock with some zombies ( wtf?)  They have found that the creatures cant swim and so manage to get a boat to an island. On the island where the signal is being broadcast, everyone is happy and creature free. You can see it as real Jarring from Emmett and  Regan that this world exists. Perfect peace is disturbed when a boat from the dock drifts to the bay with a creature aboard ( unlikely but hey) and of course the islanders barely know what to do. Regan of course saves the day and returns hope to the world with a sound weapon to kill them with.

So this likely means a third movie is in the works. We didn't need the second, though I admit that the island part of the story was good and was well acted.

BLUE CORNER'S RATING FOR A Quiet Place Part 2 (2021): 5.0 / 10

Official A Quiet Place Part 2 (2021) Movie Poster



"Silence is Not Enough."


Starring: X

Written By: X

Directed By: X


Running Time: 97 min

BBFC Rating: 15

Release Date: May 31, 2021

Distributer: Paramount Pictures




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Official A Quiet Place Part 2 (2021) Movie Poster


A Quiet Place Part 2 (2021)